The Fear of Clean-Cut suits

As Captain Jason shouted orders to the crew of the USS Ficly, many of the survivors hurried to the side of the ship, staring out at the black waves.

S.Lynn was one of the writers that scurried to see the trouble, and stared in horror at the larger ship that seem to rise from the depths of the sea, pushing her way to the rail. People who were on the island rushed to the shoreline upon hearing the frantic calls aboard the ship.

Up from the ocean came the steel ship, the AOL logo stamped into the side, and it’s bow slowly turned to face the USS Ficly. There were scattered shouts of fear as the ship neared, and figures were beginning to be seen.

“Oh No!!!” Band Baby called, “It’s the AOL Representatives!!!”

“We’re still not out far enough yet!” Overlooked_Merchandise shouted.

With one last heave the ship rocked slightly as it floated in deeper water, and the crew came back.

“We are too late!!” S.Lynn screamed, turning from the rail.

The crisp, clean cut suits of the representatives were upon them.

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