I am Love

It was cold tonight, a necessity of the hovering fall I suppose. I was tired, and my back was aching. The dampness that had initially permeated the seat of my pants had crept up my back, but that was not the cause for the chill that ran down my spine. The light had been turned on and she stood before me, and the chill that accompanied the sight of her was quickly replaced by a spreading warmth. It was the light that warmed me at first, but not nearly as much as the sight of her.

She was beautiful as the day when I had first laid eyes on her. Her firm body moved like falling leaves in the dappled light. Her hand undid the top button of her blouse and my breath caught in my throat. One by one the buttons fell to her hand.

She stood before me like a goddess, clothes round about her on the floor. I had to steady myself with one hand, so taken was I by her beauty. She turned and shut out the light, and with a sigh of frustration I caressed the glass that separated us. I am Love.

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