This Particular Telepathy

One thing about this telepathy, there’s always a way out of the mind. You never know what you’ll find in there, or what trials you will go through, but as you go, you always look for that exit.

Hopefully the person leaves with you.

There’s always some who won’t leave.

I try to keep my visits brief. Rifling through memories and following people through their minds, tackling their fears, is quick, like having dreams. It feels like you’ve traveled far, lived a whole life, but really, it may have been an hour or two.

The sea swished, spun, and calmed, changed colors. The lady was happy, loving the adventure, even if she looked ragged.

I was lost.

It started to rain, then storm. The waves grew very high.
“Wheee!” shrieked the lady. Her hair was plastered down to her face, water ran in rivulets past her eyelashes and nose.

“I don’t like this!” I shouted.

“Why not?” she frowned at me.

“It’s dangerous!”

“No, it’s perfectly safe, watch.” Suddenly the sea calmed, the sky lightened, and a bird flew overhead.

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