Crime of Passion? - Prequel

Physics was dull today. In fact it was dull every day.

Why did he have to study this stuff? Would it make any difference to his future?

He secretly hoped that his future would involve “her”. He stared across the classroom at her for the 15th time that class. She was gorgeous. Why would she want to go out with him?

“You boy”, barked the teacher angrily. “What did I just say? Or are you more interested in this young lady?”

He blushed. She blushed. Unaware that he had been looking at her.

“Ah well” thought the boy. That’s the cat out of the bag.

Valentines Day, and quite out the blue, he got a card signed “Your Secret Love!”. He couldn’t believe it. It was clearly the writing of the girl, yes “her”.

Invigorated by the promise of a chance to be close to her, he made his approach after Chemistry and asked her out.

“Why would I want to do that” she replied curtly, rushing off to Hockey. He was crushed.

The pranksters who actually wrote the card sniggered…unaware of where things would lead…

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