All The News That's Fit

The newsroom was only partially lit. It was pretty late even for this place. Jim wondered if anyone besides the overworked maintenance staff was still around. Looking across the room he saw that one light was still on. It was the so-called “Entertainment Desk” where the hard hitting news on celebrity shopping plans and trust fund babes was “reported”.

He shook his head as he recalled his editors words earlier that day: “It’s the future Jim. We have to keep up or get left behind.”

Jim could not believe that this place that he had worshiped for so long was becoming just another tabloid factory. The World Monitor & Telegraph he had grown up with was dying. It was all about selling more papers now and producing slick online content.

Sighing he headed for the elevator. He wondered if people would pay for real reporting and genuine news ever again – or if this really was the future.

As the elevator doors closed he punched the “L” button. He muttered, “Things would be different if I ruled The World."

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