Women about Men

Dear why don’t you shop for some shoes? When you are finished I will be at either the Games shop or the video arcade.
Why don’t you grab a girly magazine or a chic flic to watch in the other room as I want to see Sean of the Dead tonight. Are you ready? I really need to be at Nigels by midday. What ? We are going to your mothers for lunch? No you didn’t remind me before we left the house this morning otherwise why would I say yes to Nigel. What you actually said was ‘it would be nice to have lunch with mum today’ you did not specifically say that we were going to have lunch with your mum today. I rest my case. Ever since we got up this morning you have not been in a good mood. First you bite at me when I asked where the butter was. I knew it was in the frige but exactly where in the fridge, I was asking. Then I asked where my clean shirt was. How was I supposed to know you had ironed it and it was hanging in the wardrobe.You can be so awful when you get up grumpy. And another thing

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