When I was drowning in the holy water.

I look down at her as she lays on her bed, she is wearing a white gown and her dark brown hair is free and spread out on the pillow. She looks more beautiful than ever before, my lip starts to quiver as I think of what I did ….and the consequences.

“Why did you do it, John?”, she asks me. Her voice is shaky and she chokes as she asks this. “You know why, I was scared of him.”, I try to explain the reason for my actions “I was never a fighter and if he thought I took away his girl that he would begin to harm you as well as me.” I feel destroyed and start to wonder if what I did was right. I try to hold her one last time but I just can’t, I helplessly break down and I feel I need to tell her my final thoughts.

“We always joked about what it would be like to drown..ha I can’t believe we talked about that”, I actually laugh about what I did. Why I don’t know, possibly my way of comforting myself.

“When I was drowning in that holy water, all I could think of was you”, I vanish and leave her to sleep. Bye.

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