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(Laying in the back yard)
Sister: “Can you fly?”
Me: “Haha no but do you want me to try?”
Sister: “Can you do that pweaze?”
Me: “Sure! haha”

I love you.

Close your eyes. I’m no superman.

But hold my hand, I’ll fly you through the light blue sky. I’ll fly higher if you’d like, I’m sure space wouldn’t mind two more stars. Together we’re like the sun, Earth would have two suns shining everyday. I’ll fly you to the moon anytime soon. Just don’t let go because i wouldn’t want to lose you. When we’re done with our journey we’ll take a rest at your favorite spot. I’ll fly you to the clouds we’ll talk about an adventure we had and we’ll fall asleep together. Just make sure we’re back to the green grass or she’ll be wondering were we left off to.

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