Life of a star (part two)

The thing is Brooke wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth; she had been brought up in a council estate; having to care for her younger brother and sister whilst her alcoholic mother was throwing back vodka after vodka and having a joint. She was at this point used to looking after herself and others around her, not the other way around.

Living this life for so many years had given Brooke an insight on the life she would have to live for many more years to come. She had to make a decision, and this decision had to be the right one. She looked across the set she was currently filming on, a young girl around 5 years younger than Brooke was running around helping set up the next scene, whilst balancing cups of coffee in her hands. Brooke walked over and smiled “today is your lucky day” with that Brooke handed her over the script she was learning and walked out the overcrowded set into the glorious sunshine that awaited her return.

Pathetic? I guess you’re wrong.

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