“Oh, for crying out—” Alex muttered under his breath, thumbing a button on the steering wheel console. “This is my day off!” he protested. “I’ve got company. Can’t Teal or Amber pick this up?”

“Negative, Silverfox,” the voice replied. “You are thirty minutes closer than any other agent.”

Alex rolled his eyes. “Roger. Wilco.” He swore, then checked the rearviews and blind spot before pulling into the fast lane.

“Is…this a bad time?” Joshua asked as the acceleration pushed him into the upholstery.

“There are no bad times, only bad people,” Alex said. “I work for some of them. I’m afraid you’re going to get an even bigger surprise than I’d planned.” The car shot onto the freeway like a rifle bullet, whizzing between an eighteen-wheeler and a Hummer with six inches of clearance to either side.

Joshua stared. “Um…you can just let me out anywhere…”

Alex grinned manically. “Afraid that’s not an option right now. Just hang on tight, it’ll be over ’fore you know it.”

Joshua gulped. “That’s what I’m afraid of.”

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