“They cut all the hardlines before they attacked, and jammed long-range comms,” Nicky continued as I dashed down the narrow, dark passage. “But Bluetooth was still open. When your phone got within range—well, I had to wipe your device, I’m sorry about that—hope you had everything backed up. Even then, I had to leave behind an awful lot of memories just to fit in here.”

Behind me I heard shouts, and light flickered from flashlights flickered around me. Ahead I saw the dim gleam of metal—the door Nicky was talking about. It looked like a vault door. There was a keypad and retinal scanner to the right of it. I skidded to a halt. “What now? My eyes won’t open that thing.”

“Hold on. I’ll key it by Bluetooth.” As she spoke, I heard the metallic sound of bolts thunking back, and the door swung open. Behind me, I heard running footsteps. “Get in! Shut it!”

The first bullets spanged off the door as I slammed it shut. I stared for a moment, then sank onto the floor, panting.

“We should be safe for now,” Nicky said.

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