Like Father, Not Like Son

“Hey Dan! We have a problem!”

Dan looked up from his computer screen, which was constantly flipping through the millions of headgear webcams.

“Another one of the regulars? Just do the usual! Five times stronger pain, they black out, we go fetch ’em and mess with their brains a bit.”

His co-worker had a strange expression on his face, one of disbelief and restraint.

“Dan… It’s not a regular… It’s, uh… It’s your son.”

Dan started, “What are you-”

“Just come and see. He’s playing a guitar,” The guy smirked a bit, “Ain’t too bad, either.”

Dan rushed over to his co-worker’s computer, nearly knocking him over. “We locked that up as soon as he got his headgear! He was completely under control! But.. I…” His words sputtered out in his mouth into meaningless syllables as he watched the nightmare that had plagued him for years come to life before his eyes.

“My.. son’s a failure…”

His eyes glazed over, and some ingrained command in his brain ordered:

“Five times the power,” and he pressed the button.

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