Kalyla's Brother

I sat in my room listening to the jazz station on the radio, and trying not to worry about the call from my Dad.

I could hear my brother downstairs singing as he made dinner. “You don’t have to be beautiful, to be my girl!”

I came to the top of the steps and yelled down to him. “Hey, Prince! Maybe you’re so desperate because you can’t get any girls!”

Jordan looked up and stuck his tongue out at me. “Jealous of my skills, little sister?”

“Sure, obviously.” I came down the stairs and hugged him.

“How was school?” Jordan grinned, sticking the biscuits in the oven. “And the truth. Not any of that ‘fine’ crap that we give Mom and Dad.”

I laughed. Jordan was nearly 21 and he could still see right through me.

“It wasn’t great. Garrett broke up with me.” I stated, flatly.

“What?” Jordan looked horrified. “I’m sorry. Do you want me to go and get him for you?” He was serious, he would go and beat the crap out of him in a second.

“No no no!” I said quickly. “Its fine.”

“If you say so. What else happened?”

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