When I originally wrote this (it used to be “Shooting Star”), it was the first semester of university and I thought I had this wicked awesome original story to enter into Sam Ervin’s challenge. However, I have recently been reminded of a short story I read several years back by one of my favorite authors (viz. Stephen King) called “All That You Love Will Be Carried Away”, whose ending had marked similarities to the story that I had written. To my horror, I discovered that I had unintentionally plagiarized the King of Horror.

This was an honest mistake and not done deliberately or with malicious intent (I did not, nor do I ever, wish to xerox King’s—or anyone else’s—work and slap my handle on it). To do due diligence, however, I am replacing the story with this notice rather than editing it. I’m trying to become a professional writer myself, and I want to run an honest game.

Whether Kevin or THX or whoever has the banhammer wishes to smite me with it, I leave up to their discretion.

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