Getting Caught Up

“What do you mean?” Josh asked, then braced himself as Fox dove for cover behind a substantial looking building, and began firing around the corner.

“You’ve heard about the Marauders on the news, right?” she asked back to him.

“Yeah, terrorist group out of Africa, supposedly responsible for a number of mass kidnappings. Wait… What would a bunch of robots want with a whole bunch of hostages?”

“I was human once, so was every other automech. A while ago they developed a technology that allowed them to take full working images of people’s minds. Reports are conflicted but the majority of them say that they think they’re the next step in human evolution. The minds get copied into holocubes and put into their library.” she explained as she laid down cover fire, and bolted for a more defensible position.

“And the originals are killed once the copies are made, I’m guessing?” Josh guessed.

“You never were any fun with mysteries, always solved them too quick,” she sighed in reply. “They process them into fuel.”

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