Facing Facts

“Anything?” Jason asked, his eyes pleading. Star could only sigh , as she knew the only response she could give would satisfy neither of them.

“We may be able to simulate the human mind now, but we still don’t really understand how it works all that well, and it’s still the most complex thing on the planet. It’ll take time to go through her mind thoroughly, and even then we may have no idea what’s wrong, much less how to fix it.”

Jason nodded, thoughtfully. “I understand,” he murmured. “We uh, should go town and take care of Bran.”

“Yeah, we should. Where did you dig him up, anyway? I saw his records, he was half way through his masters in engineering when he was diagnosed but he was hanging out on an automech fansite?” Star further questioned.

“Some of them are a bit more official than others. They have messageboards out there for recinnaisance and cover. I mean it isn’t like they can put an advert in the Tribune. Wanted, dedicated professionals wanted to save the world from psycho robotic terrorists?”

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