The Ultimate Chronicle - Part 2

… the air wobbled as reality bent around Lincoln and the Autoviathon.

Lincoln’s goggles amplified the light to reveal rough-hewn stone walls. “Where did you take us, my friend?” Lincoln asked.

Though the inventor’s shriveled mouth did not move, an electronic voice said, “It is hard to tell. The emergency jump mechanism is designed to take us to a random point in space-time.” A hatch clanged open on the Autoviathan and several insect-shaped robots emerged. They scuttled over the robot, throwing up sparks where they began repairs. Lincoln took the chance to catch his breath.

A few minutes later, the heroes heard footsteps. Four figures approached. Three were the ashen-faced, black-uniformed Sturmleichen, Mecha-Hitler’s zombie soldiers. The fourth was an aristocratic man with sharp features, long black hair and a large mustache.

“Rasputin told me you would come,” he said, smiling through red lips, “Welcome to Castle Dracula.”

The Sturmleichen raised their Magnetgewehre. Lincoln’s eyes fell on…

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