The Ultimate Chronicle - Part 4

…Vlad’s body gave a spasm and he lurched to his feet.

Louis turned to the two battered heroes. “Flee from this place. I will try to buy you some time.”

As Louis and Vlad dueled, their swords flashing, Lincoln limped over to the Autoviathan. Lincoln looked through the murky waters of the tank built into the suit’s chest, into the vacant eyes of Tesla’s floating head.

“Vlad is right. Rasputin and Mecha-Hitler control time. There is only one place we can turn.”

“Yes,” said Tesla’s voice. One of the robots on Lincoln’s backpack twisted a glass tube, and they found themselves standing on a mountain path overlooking a forest.

A man wearing two swords stopped at the sight of them, then grunted. “I told you, I serve neither side in your war.”

“Things have changed,” said Lincoln. “All life could end.”

“Hm.” The man’s hand emerged form his kimono’s collar, scratching his chin. “Perhaps I will let you explain.”

Lincoln bowed. “Thank you, Musashi-san. But first, I must ask you one question…”

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