A cliff Hanger.

Please God, a sign.
Kate had wandered down to the foot of the cliff ,to the edge of the swirling Devils hole. The Cliffs hugh mass projected above causing a dark velvet shadow on all below.
This is where her darkest moods had taken her over the last dying days of her big romance with the guy who loved Smirnof Vodka more than he loved her.
She looked out and up to the empty ,forbidding sky, devoid of all signs of life.
No stars,no moon, the clouds had covered the universe.
Please god, a sign, she spoke softly as the storm whipped around her, Torrents of biting sleet belted down.
Then she saw it. A shiny object, a bit like crystal. As the cloud moved she saw the light shining on the object.
Her last thought as she slipped on the muddy edge and fell into the Devils hole was one of sheer horror. A bottle of smirnoff landed in the water a few feet away.

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