When Lisa and James awoke, they were cuffed together in what was unmistakably, the trunk of a moving car.

“Oh my head… Wait, Marauders?” James whimpered, clutching his recently-clocked head.

“No, if this were the Marauders, we would already be fuel in the tank and brain-patterns on-disk. Besides, even the Marauders aren’t sadistic enough to knock someone out and then wake them up by blasting Serj Tankian on their way to processing, and they don’t use leopard-print handcuffs.” Lisa groaned, and kicked the car seat repeatedly. Sure enough, after a minute or so of kicking the car came to a stop, and a crack of piercing sunlight dazzled them as the trunklid opened.

“You guys be quiet, you have some serious questions to answer.” Billy said.

Meanwhile, Sera and Fur, having just successfully set the building alight, made their way back out into the tunnels and came across the kidnapped pair’s weapons lying discarded on the floor.

“Damnit bro, can’t you do anything without getting into trouble?” Sera sighed.

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