Dominatrix Theory

“Do you want us to be quiet, or do you want us to answer questions? We can’t do both at once,” Lisa said.

Billy facepalmed. “You know what I mean.”

“What’s this all about?” James asked, blinking against the light.

Billy was joined by a woman, dressed in black leather, fishnet stockings, spiky black hair, and white makeup. So that’s where the cuffs came from, James guessed.

“The robots!” the woman said. “Invading our country…kidnapping people…taking our jobs…”

Lisa stared. “Your jobs?”

“My sister has issues,” Billy said apologetically.

“She has subscriptions,” James muttered.

“It’s industrial automation run amok!” the goth-inatrix insisted. “Little robots making bigger robots making bigger robots who are out to kidnap and replace us!”

“Catalogs,” James corrected himself.

“The sad thing is, from a certain point of view she’s kind of right,” Lisa murmured.

“So now you bastards are gonna tell me—” The woman choked back a sob. “—what have you done with Chase? What have you done with my slave?

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