The Crest of the Ridge

Dulles looked blankly at the Sgt. for several moments, then slowly took the cigarette out of his mouth with his other hand. “Sorry” he mumbled.

“You boys better come with me”, he said and we started up the hill. Just before we got to the ridge he stopped and turned to us. “Ok, listen up. I don’t want any of you apes giving anything away by silhouetting yourself against the sky as cross the ridge. So we are going to low crawl the rest of the way until you see me stand up. We are going to cross in line abreast so as to minimize the time we are exposed to view. Got it?”

“We’ve been through basic Sarge. We know the drill.” said Kirkegaard.

“Just do it right or the Chinese will be the least of your worries tonight.”

We moved as silently and quickly as we could. Within two minutes we had crossed the ridge and were again on our feet. We followed the telephone line to the CP, really nothing more than a scrape in the earth with a couple of field telephones and the radio. Lt. Brooks was there speaking on the radio.

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