Munk Goes to the Club pt 4

“Some help.”

“My cousin’s kid. I’m probably going to kill him next month.”

“Always nice to do something for family.” Munk felt his face grow warmer.

“Indeed, Mr. Monk. And I believe-”

“Munk,” he interrupted.

“…Munk. I believe that we could be… beneficial, to one another.”

“How’s that?” The simian tucked a cigarette between his lips and lit it, drawing heavily upon the smoldering tube.

“It seems this city is under some disruption, as of late,” purred Nickolas. “And I, as you know, stand as a symbol of reason amongst this dissolute chaos.”

“Yes, the most reasonable cousin killer I’ve ever met.” Munk smirked to himself under the concentrated gaze of the tabby.

“Well, Munk. Perhaps you know of a better example for someone to take Big Bear’s place then?”

“Come off of it, Nick,” Munk intoned begrudgingly. “You want to take over, we all fucking know that. Everyone knows that. And with Big Bear gone, you actually stand a chance. Only one problem for you.”

“And that would be?”

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