Munk Goes to the Club pt 5

“Big Bear’s people. And you know it. You need someone to take care of that little rat Rostya and his big, bad-ass uncles.”

“Then what is the problem?”

“Problem is where do I fit into this mess? I help grease the rails for your rise to power and what do I get for it? One way ticket out of town, if I’m lucky.”

“Why, Munk, I would never d-”

“Shut the fuck up, Niiiiiiiiick.” Munk flicked his glowing cigarette at the pristine suit sitting across from him. “You just told me you planned to kill your own fucking cousin and I’m supposed to feel safe working for you now?”

“He’s not my cousin.”

“The fuck do I care? Cousin, brother, you’re fucking baby-sitter for all it means to me. Fact of the matter is if your own family aint safe, I aint safe.”

“He’s not my cousin.”

“And until I can get something better out of this deal than your word, negotiations are over.”

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