I Wish I Had Some Comments on Ficly, the Musical (Retro)

The classically stereotypical cowboy with a guitar that only knows 3 chords starts strumming his GEE -tar.

He leaned forward into the microphone and spoke, slowly in a Southern drawl. “This song…is dedicated to my favorite web-SAI-t,“

Then he moved away from the microphone and began to sing.

“Yea, I wish I had some comments on ficly.“

He strummed his guitar, the audience hooted and “hollered.”

“Yea, I wish I had some comments on my little short stoh-rEES“

The cowboy looked up into the sky with his eyes shut as he sang “short stories,” looking as if he was going to cry.

“Yea, ‘n if I had some comments on ficlets“

The audience hooted and hollered “Yea-hoo”

“I wouldn’t be sittin here,“

The cowboy stopped playing.

“Writin’ this crappy song.“

The cowboy smashed his guitar on the stage and walked off, leaving behind the broken bits of wood that used to be his guitar.

”And some sequels would be nice too.”

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