Good morning

I kicked my locker again, cursing underneath my breath as I finally yanked it open. As I got my books, I was deafened by a loud squeal from my right. I looked over to see a group of cheerleaders flirting obnoxiously with some guys with perfect hair.
“Hey whats wrong with you?” I turned around to see my friend Angela walking towards me.
Them” I said glaring at the preps. “And this… stupid…” I finally slammed the door, “uhg. This stupid locker!” I said leaning against it.
“Oh god, here comes someone who’ll make it better.” Angela said with her usual half disgusted, half adoring tone.
I turned to see my boyfriend, Josh, walking towards me. He wore his usual plaid button-up shirt and khakis. Very different, I thought, as I looked down at my outfit, black skinny jeans and my marching band shirt, with a black and red zip-up hoodie, and my converse with checkered laces.
Josh came over and put his arm around me, I barely noticed that Angela left.
“Good morning,” He said, as he leaned in to kiss me gently.

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