Mission of Love

Meanwhile in the ruins of Versailles tiny points of metal made delicate music across marble floors. Dispatched on their duty the minuscule minions of justice set about a task theoretically beyond them. The parts should be too large to maneuver. The interface should be too complex for their processors to handle. The time should have been too limited.

Sometimes “should” takes a back seat. Sometimes miracles happen. Sometimes, just sometimes, the soul of a creator can imprint itself upon his creations, however machinated they be.

Additional units were cobbled from the scraps of a mechanoid army. A collective hive mind replaced individual following of directives. An unvoiced desire, carried forth by stray automatons became a singular purpose. Love stretched intangibly across space and time to defy all reason and logic!

A new body staggered to its feet amid the carnage. A familiar, primped head stared out from the depths of murky suspension media. Life would go on. The fight would continue.

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