A Smile to Hurt You

The solitary lightbulb above his slightly balding head dims. Shadows rush in to take over the places once filled with luminosity. A smirk spreads across his face, wrinkling the natural crevices of his visage. His eyes narrow in concentration.
The already dimmed light fades ever closer to darkness as the electricity bleeds away. He actually smiles, dimpling his face and creasing his forehead. The current speeds through him, charging him for his upcoming task.
As the juice pours into him in ever faster waves, the smile continues to widen. First becoming a grotesque clown’s lips, large and as red as an apple. Then as the beginning of his errand grows ever nearer, it becomes subhuman, feral and otherwordly.
As the lonely lightbulb hovering above him breaks open with a pop, a malicious cackle spews forth from this once outcast human. Shards of paper-thin glass shower down around him as his cheeks split open in his ever-widening smile.

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