Streaking through the Night Sky

There it was. Proof that God wanted him to live.

A bright streak of light streaming through the black sky. The stars seemed to wink at him, saying that everything would be alright from now on.

The streak thickened. The streak brightened. His soul seemed to get brighter, more optimistic, happier, and lighter in weight as that streaking star burned in the night sky.

The thought occurred to him that he had never seen a shooting star get bigger before. Or faster. Or brighter, for that matter.

Is that… coming towards me? he thought.

The glowing object in the sky grew in size, the trail of fire increased in width and definition, a deep down primitive monkey instinct switched on inside him, and he dove off the cliff.

Above his falling figure, the clifftop fragmented under the impact of an explosive strike. He hit first, splashing into the icy waters. The dark underwater world was perforated with white foamy streams of sinking rocks.

Water logged legs and arms propelled him towards the surface air.

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