Shart Attat!

“Oh, Shart!”

“Huh-what?! Henry, did you say shark? Is there a shark? Henry, the children!”

“No, honey, I didn’t see a shark.”

“Then why did you say shark?”

Sigh. I didn’t.”

“Then what did you say? For heavens’ sake, Henry, don’t mess with me like that. Are you sure there’s not a shark?”

“Yes, I’m sure. Well, then again, realistically…look, um, I’m going swimming, see. No worries. I’m off for a rinse…a dip! Going for a dip.”

“But you hate the ocean.”

“I know.”

“You always say it’s like swimming around in half of nature’s toilet bowl, don’t you, Henry?”

Sigh. I know, but here I go. Back in a minute, dear.”

“I’ll never understand that man, though goodness knows I’m no fan of the beach either. Gee-ahh, yech! Just like the beach, something always smells like rot warmed over. Henry! Check on the kids, would you! Now where did I put that sunscreen?”

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