Psycopathic sycophants

She dreamt. An enormous spider had spun her into a cocoon. She whipped her body back and forth, fighting her way clear of the silky bonds. Somehow, dreamland crossed into reality. Fighting her way clear of the dream, she immediately realised that something was amiss. She could not move!

A burning pain tore down the side of her neck. As a salty, coppery tang reached her senses, her Lolcat™ came walking around her head, into her field of view. Its mechanical jaws, which she had found so cute just a few hours ago, were stained a bright crimson.

“Oh noes!” its screen-eye printed. “I baked you a cookeh, but I ated YOU!”

Her other Lolcat appeared in the doorway, dragging the corpse of the dog. She reflected that this halloween was not going to be a good one.

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