Hope and Despair

Time passed slowly as he gazed into the sky, looking for the omen of safety.
There! A shooting star.
A smile broke out on his face, almost lighting the developing twilight. So the gods were not against him completely. There was hope.
He raised his head in beatific admiration at the stars gradually turning above him. He would go home, kiss his wife and daughter, and sit down to figure out how to turn his life around.
But just as he was about to take that step toward hope, the rock below his feet gave way. He scrambled for his life, even clawing at the rock with his bare hands, trying to find a hold. But once again, he messed up. He just couldn’t grasp the face of the cliff.
So he gave up, curses issuing forth from his mouth. Curses at himself for not stepping up to the challenge. And curses to the gods, who were against him. And they were quite cruel.
As he fell closer and closer to his doom, he vowed to somehow make this right. Somehow, he would take his revenge.

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