Worse than Morlocks

After departing on my second trip into Futurity, I watched as once more my house faded away around me, and Richmond blurred under the flickering glow of the passing sun. By the time I had passed once again into the Age of Great Buildings, a fancy struck me to slow down and get a better look. I halted the machine.

The hill was covered in grass and strange plants. I glanced around at a landscape dotted with beautiful buildings, reaching to the sky in defiance of gravity. I noticed a man, walking with a strange gait. My damnable curiosity got the better of me, and I walked towards him. Too late I realized that he was not a man but some abomination, like a walking corpse in the midst of rotting! It suddenly lunged at me, jaw dripping. I turned to run but a swarm of the things had appeared, clawing their way out of the very earth, surrounding my time machine.

I ran and took refuge in one of the Great Buildings, with naught but this strange illuminated typewriter for company. I wonder if anyone should read this.

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