Murder on the Shore (3)

Present day
Long Island, New York

Fifteen year old Krisa Lieberman sat in the waiting area at the police department, impatiently tapping her feet, watching the clock and fidgeting with the manila envelope in her hands.
“Who’s that?” asked Tim Costa, a passionate and attractive young detective.
“She says she knows something about a case from ‘07,” replied Lt. John Lambert, who was a mentor to everyone at the department. “I sent Marissa to get the file, you talk to her, see what she knows.”
“Will do,” Tim responded.

Krisa stood from her seat as she saw the detective coming her way.
“Finally! I’ve been waiting for like, fifteen minutes!” she complained.
“Busy day, lot of people getting shot today,” Costa joked.
Krisa sighed. “You do murders, right?” she asked.
“We solve them,” Costa clarified as Det. Marissa Jones handed him crime scene photos.
“Well, my brother died in 2007, they said he must’ve fell over a rock near the river by our house, but… I never believed that, I think he was pushed,” Krisa explained.

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