Murder on the Shore (4)

“So, wait,” Costa asked, “you think someone murdered your brother?”
“That’s what I just said, detective ” Krisa said the last word soaked with sarcasm.
“Well, we need more than just a hunch, you got any evidence?” Costa asked.
Krisa opened the folder, removing what looked like a note placed inside a Ziploc bag. Detectives Costa and Jones exchanged questioning glances as Krisa handed Det. Jones the bag.
“I found this a couple days ago in my brother’s room, it’s dated the day before he died, and read what it says,” Krisa said.
Jones read, “ ‘Don’t tell anyone about it or you’ll be sorry.’ ”
“There you go,” Krisa said.
Costa scoffed, “Well that hardly—”
“We’ll look into it,” Jones said, handing Krisa a card with her number on it.

“What was that about?” Costa asked Jones.
“I think it’s worth looking into,” Jones replied.
“You don’t think it can wait? We don’t have enough open cases as is?”
“I think it’s waited two years, and that’s long enough,” Marissa Jones said before heading to her office with the file.

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