“You mean after all the time we’ve spent talking about this exact kind of thing, you still have to ask? So long as you don’t expect me to change my name to Jerry Can too soon.” Josh said with a chuckle.

“Spoilsport,” Fox replied. “It looks like we caught the rear guard on their way out, they’re not going to stick around and try to pull a battle.”

“Too resource-intensive?” he guessed.

She sighed, and started heading back towards the main road, to prepare a perimeter. “Bingo. They don’t have anything more to gain here. They take what they want and they leave, and they already got what they wanted. All that’s left here now is empty houses.”

“Then why secure the area?” Josh asked, sounding confused.

Fox chuckled, amused by his not getting it. “Now I knew you were a bit dense, being able to keep you in the dark so long, but I had no idea just how spacey you really were. This is a terror tactic on their part. A terror tactic works by scaring people. If word doesn’t get out about it, then no-one gets scared.”

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