Finally Through

I was sitting in his lap. His arms were around me, holding me tight, never wanting to let me go. I rested my hands on top of his, leaning into him. I smiled even bigger knowing that he was finally mine.

I looked around the room not really seeing the faces. Each face I looked at caught my eye and it brought tears to every face. I never knew so many people cared this much, but it was good to know now.

I shifted to see the face of a boy I was sitting on. He smiled at me when our eyes met. Happyness and sadness were raging war within his blue eyes. I knew mine reflected his and my smile showed the understanding we now shared.

He wishpered, “Let’s get out of here.”

I nodded and we stood up. Everyone noticed our departure, but none acknowledge it, letting us slip away together. He held my hand as we walked to his car, still refusing to let me go.

“I won’t run away from you… promise…” I said, as he opened the car door to let me in.

When he slid into his seat he said to me, “We’ve made, let’s enjoy it.”

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