All Mine

The lighting was really good that night. She looked perfect in a spagheti strap shirt and boy shorts; all legs and arms and creamy skin. She smiled big for me, giggled, and pranced around. She made me so happy, I would never have to be alone again. My camera softy beeped, and beeped, and my heart raced. Melissa.

Something distracted her and she left the room. I’d follow her but she’d hate that. I waited, trying to be patient, but thinking of all the beauty she had, her power to fill me with warmth, her presence.

She soon came back into the room, and walked briskly by me wearing an emerald green kimono. Something was wrong.

The blinds swiftly shut. I caught my breath, and my free hand gripped the little broken keychain with the stylized script and little hearts; it read: Melis.

Suddenly, I was engulfed in light, angry voices below me demanded I come down. The illumination coursed through me, sapping all the feelings of love. I was alone again.

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