Silence (pt2)

December 26, 2000
It was dark in the tiny room. Uncomfortable. There were three other people in here other than Addy. Two police officers and a forensic psychologist.
“Which one?”
that was the second time the female cop had asked her which man she knew. Lieutenant Brown put a hand on his partner’s shoulder.
“Give her a minute.”
Addy slipped slowly into a world that was all her own. She wasn’t in this room with the police. She was safe there. Their whispering brought her back.
“We don’t have time for this, Brown. A trial is gonna need to be scheduled and we need a name.”
“Some people take a few minutes to get over the shock of seeing their attacker again.”Brooke looked frustrated. A warm hand on her shoulder made her cringe. It was Brooke. Brown, or Dave, conspicuously warned Brooke to be careful when approaching people who had been through what she had. Brooke apologized quickly.
“I’m sorry, Addeline.”
You’re forgiven.
Two words Addy couldn’t say. Not with IT staring straight at her.

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