Silence (pt3)

“Are you capable of identifying the murderer?”
Another low warning. Don’t use ‘murderer’, use ‘attacker’ or just simply ‘suspect’.
“Excuse me. The suspect.”
She watched as Brooke’s face darkened with frustration. Addy didn’t understand. Brown took her by the arm and led her out of the room. The psychologist was left alone with Addy.
His voice was the perfect mix of disconnection and concern. She turned her gaze away from IT and faced him. He waited for her to speak. Her throat was dry and sore. She waited. As did he.
He saw her eyes glaze over and pulled her back down to earth.
Her voice was coarse. She didn’t even recognize it. The man’s eyes glowed.
“Good. You’re still here.”
“Of course.”
She would get through today.
“The only way we can know, and help you, is for you to tell us what happened.”
”He killed them.”
She’d thought that that fact was pretty obvious when they found all those bodies.
“Which man did it Addy?”

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