A Poem I Wrote at 1:55 in the Morning.

Once upon a time there was a Man,
Who deigned to spend the time upon a Plan.
He tweaked, adjusted, and refined his pet
Until one day his efforts were all set.

Some other Men he soon had to employ,
And they deservèd all that they enjoyed.
Quite soon, alas, these things would come to change,
’Cause others saw success and were deranged.

The Man was called, and he was then coerced
In such a way to nearly need a hearse.
“From each what can, to every as they need”;
So went the saying, as it was a creed.

On paper, yes, it workèd out quite nice;
In real life, though, it was giv’n to lice.
And others too reaped what the man had sown,
The powerful Men took what they did not own.

The Man, o’ertaxed, in life severely swerved,
So cheated out of what he had deserved.
He died a broken man, and in the soil
He rots as lazy sods reap from his toil.

If all a day he works, a day he’s paid;
That is the way society should be made.
And he who risks it all should make in kind
According to the dangers that he finds.

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