The Neurophages IV

Miles and Lou approached the boiler room. Miles at a dead run, with Lou loping along easily beside him. She had exchanged her welding apron for a cloth one that read “Kiss the cook”, but he still did not seem to get the message.

Crunching their way into the room, they beheld a heap of twisted metal and crystal fragments where Miles had seen the creature. “But… it was… just here” panted Miles. Lou crouched down and examined the pile of wreckage. “That is very impressive” she announced, “whatever smashed its way out of here was powerful enough to pulverise solid diamond.”

“Yes, yes” Miles murmered, staring at her curvaciousness. “Miles!” she snapped, turning, “are you listening to me?”

“Yes Lou, diamond, that’s amazing!” he enthused. “We are going to have to report this to the captain” Lou said. Miles frowned “But, I’ll get into trouble…”

“Miles, we have to report it!”

“That won’t be necessary” trilled an angelic voice from above, as the vision in blue floated down between them from the ceiling.

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