Cowboys and Dinosaurs

He rode into Lodestone on the back of green and red Struthiomimus. At his hip was his Smith & Wesson. In his saddle holster, his .30-.30 Winchester. On his back was his sawed off shotgun. He was a bounty hunter. The man was looking to fill a bounty, and he knew his prey was here.

He rode down the street, his dino-hide boots glistening in the Arizona sun. His Struthi chirping as it plodded along the dusty street. The rider eyed the saurs that were tied up in front of the saloon. He saw two brightly feathered Utahraptors tied up in front it.

He undid the strap on his shotgun, then one on his revolver. He was going in ready, just in case.

He rode up to the saloon and eased himself off the back of his Struthi. He then opened his saddle bag, pulled out a feed bucket filled with raw turkey leg and thigh. He put the bucket’s loop over the snout of his Struthi.

Over the sound of her crunching the bones, he tied her reins around the hitching post and patted her snout. He then turned toward the saloon’s doors.

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