Calm Before the Storm

It started out cold and damp, promising rain later that night. She knew this and bundled up in expectation. She would get to the meeting in plenty of time. Leaving her apartment building, she hailed a cab and headed to the rendezvous.

It had taken weeks to set this meeting up. The merchandise would be delivered, only after suitable payment was made. She patted her purse. Inside were four 10 ounce gold bars. More than suitable payment.

The cab let her out a block away from the meeting place. She paid the cabbie, and set off down the sidewalk. Glancing around as she walked, she made sure that she wasn’t being followed. She stopped at the mouth of the alleyway peered around the corner. Empty.

She checked her watch and she was on time, though a bit early. She looked down the alleyway again and saw silhouette of a… man.

Swallowing, she walked down the dirty pavement, dodging garbage. With a wan smile she asked, “Do you have it?”

One leather glove proffered a small vial. The other was out awaiting payment.

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