See you all at lunch

“So, how are you?” He said, putting his arm around me as we started down the hallway for A-Block.
“Well I woke up to my dog in my face and almost had a heart attack, but aside from that, I’m fine, at least I am now.” I added smiling.
“Hey Twitch, wait up!” I heard someone yell my 5th grade nickname, I turned to see Amy walking towards me. “You ready for the game tonight?”
“When am I not ready?” I said, “Hey are you gonna come watch me march at halftime?” I said, turning to Josh.
“I’ll try, my parents said it depends on the weather, but it’s looking good so far so probably.” Josh finished, just as the warning bell rang.
“See you all at lunch,” I said as Josh kissed me on my forehead and we all went in different directions.
A bunch of really big senior jocks were goofing off in the middle of the hallway to my A-Block class. When I found a way through they all stopped and just stared at me, and not my face either. I rolled my eyes and kept walking.
“Pigs.” I muttered as I sat down and the tardy bell rang.

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