The Orphanage 1 (edited ficlet)

The room they were in was very dark, with the only light coming from one small candle at night, and a little window in the day. These children residing in this small, filthy, empty room were orphans, controlled by him.
He was the owner of the orphanage and treated the kids very cruelly. They always addressed him as ‘sir’ in person because they never really did know his real name. But whenever they were alone, they just said him or he with the worst feeling of hatred ever.
The kids were given three pieces of bread and a glass of water to share amongst each other three times a day. They were never allowed to leave their room without permission. If they ever disobeyed, they were beaten with no mercy. So they stuck together, they were like a close family. And if one was weak from a beating or sickness, that kid would get the biggest share of bread and water.
So you could say, this was not an orphanage, but more like a prison for ages 13-15. They all hoped for freedom one day and planned to achieve it.

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