The Orphanage 3 (edited ficlet)

“What do you mean, You’ve got it?” said Aleena slamming down the box, making Lucas jump, then he backed off a bit.
"I mean, come here and I’ll show you, we’re getting out this time guys.” Fay said confidently.
“Oh come on Fay, face it, it’s not gonna happen! Remember what happened to Lucas last time we tried out one of your brilliant plans?” said Sophia. Everyone nodded, except Lucas, who spoke up,
“I told you guys I was fine. It would’ve worked if I wasn’t such a klutz and woke him up by tripping and knocking over that lamp.”
“Yes, but look Lucas, the bruises from the beating are still there, and I feel awful, really I do. But I really think this one will work, can you all at least listen to what I have to say and look at my diagrams please?” said Fay pleadingly. The rest of the kids looked at each other then got up slowly and sat in a circle around the diagrams while Fay explained.

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