The Orphanage 4 (edited ficlet)

“OK, this Saturday when we make him dinner," Fay said, "we can get him drunk, and-” Abigail interrupted,
“But he’s worse when he’s drunk! Why-” Fay shushed her.
“Yes but he also goes to his room and blares music when he’s really drunk, so he won’t hear a thing, and I’m pretty sure that we can make sure he’s drank enough to do that.”
“So… that means we can sneak out without getting caught.” Said Marco.
“Exactly, except our door is locked.” Said Sophia sarcastically.
“But,” said Fay, “I found this when he had me clean out his junk closet.” She pulled out a crow bar from a little sack she carried around, everyone gasped.
“How the bloody he-” Fay cut Aleena off,
“stuck it in the garbage bag then snuck it in here under my shirt when he wasn’t looking.” Said Fay triumphantly.
“How in the world do you sneak it in under your shirt?” said Marco more to himself than the others.
Abigail was looking over Fay’s diagrams quietly, then a surprised expression came across her face. “This could work guys.”

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