The Ultimate Chronicle - Part 17

The falling rain obscured the sodden green mountains outside the tiny temple. A lone figure knelt in meditation within. He did not move when Abe Lincoln popped into existence behind him. He only said, “I told you I should not have interfered.”

Lincoln laid a hand on his shoulder. “With your help, Babbage was defeated and Escher kept the Twelfth Dimension. Without you, Rasputin would have won.”

Miyamoto Musashi shook his head. “Perhaps you would have been victorious anyway. The balance has been broken, and thus an enemy is born.” He stared out into the rain. “My shadow waits out there. When the rain stops, we will duel. Balance will be restored.”

“Can I aid you in this duel?” Lincoln already knew the answer.

Musashi shook his head. “Another will take this opportunity to interfere. You must prevent this.” Lincoln knelt beside Musashi and watched the rain. He could see enormous, indistinct forms walking toward them: brass robots powered by falling water, wooden gears, and a central screw.


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