Tango's Pizza

“So that’s one extra large cheese pizza, hold the cheese, with extra bicycles? Would you like to try any of our extras? We’re having a sale on the tub of lard and broken glass, a half pound is just $3.95 extra… Alright, that’ll be ready by last Tuesday, thank you for choosing Tango’s Pizza, watch out for the flying grapefruit, and have a nice day.” He put the phone back in it’s cradle, covered it up with a blanket and sang it a brief lullaby.

“Hey, Frannny boy!”

Sir Francis Bacon put down his quill, “What is is now?” he asked.

“We have a number two special with no moo, a double ding ding and a full side of Martha Stewart.”

“And I expect you suppose me to make it? I was just putting the final touches on this manuscript. I’m thinking of calling it Hamlet.”

“Hurry up, Marlowe get’s antsy if he doesn’t have anything to deliver!”

Marlowe looked up from his work on the Merry Wives of Windsor to say, “But this is the only line I have!”

Just then The Author came up with a great punchline, but he ran out of

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